Blast Website
How do you grab the attention of product designers resistant to switching from 2D to 3D software. Entertain them. Provide an incentive. Blow their minds. This flash experience site showcased the five most compelling product benefits via video. And to make each video irresistible, the lead-in consisted of an item exploding… a watermelon, a soda bottle and so on. Loads of fun. Loads of interaction.

Launch Site

  • Concept ideation
  • UX design
  • Creative execution
  • Video editing
  • Flash development
01. This is a reluctant audience. We want to hook them quickly. 4… 3… 2… 1…
02. Hey look! Short videos! But wait… is that a watermelon?
03. Why yes! It IS a watermelon. And the introduction to a mind-blowing video.
04. Each video begins with a BLAM! Great incentive for watching.
05. This site garnered lots of recontact info from CAD designers.