NEW YEAR, NEW OPPORTUNITIES: What’s Your iPad Potential?

With more than 40M units sold so far, it seems everybody has an iPad. I surf the web on one. My kid plays games on one. Even my retired mother reads books on one. But the iPad is going places Apple never intended — like to work. It’s not just for consumers.

from iPad in the Enterprise via iPhone Life Magazine, July-Aug 2011    read it

Turns out, businesses are arming sales forces with affordable iPads to sell better in this tough economy. It makes sense. It’s highly portable. A thin, streamlined, almost weightless iPad travels well to tradeshows and meetings. And once you’re there, you can do just about anything with it: pull up a website, access customer data, make transactions, check inventory, demo new products — all on the fly.

There’s no denying the visual impact of an iPad presentation. Just take a glance at this screen shot from a demo we created here at Bluefish…

iPad potential | MJ intro screen

Pretty compelling, isn’t it?  The backlit screen makes colorful imagery all the more dramatic. Add in the whiz-bang stuff — the sliders, toggles, music and video — and it makes for an experience that captures the imagination and keeps potential clients thinking long after you snap the case shut.

from Corporate iPad Users Have No Idea Why They Have Them via, May 17, 2011   read it

Does your company have a plan for iPads? Bluefish can help.

This is the first in a series of posts on the marketing potential of iPads.
Next week: An iPad sales presentation that wows.


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